Food Baby on Free Food
SWE Free Food

So I really need to join SWE (Society of Women Engineers) because I think they have a lot of free food.

They hosted an event with some other group and had a LOT of pizza. I ate three veggie slices of Pizza Bella veggie pizza. I LOVE PIZZA BELLA! Apparently SWE does too and buys their pizza for most events. As if three pieces of pizza was not a big enough food baby, I had two mini brownies, a chocolate chip cookie, and lemonade. I had a grand time at their event. I was supposed to help people register for classes but there were no other chem majors, so I just chilled with the environmental engineers. I have not had a four month old food baby in too long. 

I highly recommend joining SWE, you do not need to be a woman or an engineer to join, and you can eat ALL the free food!

After Thought:
One Pasta Pizza = Three Veggie Pizzas
This is measured in terms of width of the food baby