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Practice Pittcon Session

What motivates someone to spend five hours listening and correcting presentations for PIttcon? PIZZA PARTY!

Bradley was in charge of ordering pizza and he did a wonderful job! He took requests and he accepted my request for pasta pizza. Other pizzas chosen were white pizza with broccoli, BBQ chicken, and Hawaiian.

I had the Pasta Pizza, of course! This was the first time I ever had pasta pizza fresh from the oven. The cheese was still melting as I was eating it.

Problems with fresh pasta pizza:

  • Pasta pizza purchased as a whole pie has much smaller pieces than what they serve for $3. This was disappointing, but it meant I could eat two pieces (which I did).
  • The second piece had a soggy crust because there was too much steam trapped underneath it.
  • When the crust is not crispy it cannot hold the weight of the pasta. It was a messy meal. 

I am still happy that I got to experience the freshness of the pasta pizza. It was delicious and I earned a food baby. At the end, there were two pieces of white pizza with broccoli left. No one seemed interested in them so of course I took them home. My Pizza Bella craving will be quenched with my encore dinner meal. 


  • To feed 12 McGown group members, order four large pizzas. Only two pieces were left. 
  • Pasta pizza was a crowd pleaser but it tastes better reheated and as a large single slice. 
  • If you want a great turnout for practice presentations, and you do not want grumpy hungry students, pizza is an affordable party to have as an intermission. 
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